Introducing OportunPath

A fast, friendly option to help between paychecks. No interest, fees, or tips.

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Use it to avoid low balances and overdrafts.

OportunPath monitors account balances and sends money to eligible* members to help avoid expensive fees.

🚨 Heads up! The balance in your checking account just dropped below $100. Get your top up!

Daily balance insights.

Once your bank account is linked, we'll send you helpful text messages about the health of your balance.

Stay covered with helpful top ups.

Top Up Coverage is perfect when bills are due and pay day is still days away. Best of all, it costs $0.

To receive your top up, reply with the amount (up to $100).
$100 is on the way! 💸
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Easy payments,
no fees.

Top Up Coverage is automatically recovered when your account reaches a healthy balance again - normally on pay day.

💵 Your balance is high enough for us to recover your recent $100 top up. Your coverage will reset tomorrow. Thanks!

Secure, not for sale.

The security of your data is our priority. We will never sell your information to third parties.

No gimmicks.

We don’t charge any fees, interest or tips. Top Up Coverage costs $0. It’s our way of helping members who need a little boost from time to time. To learn more about Oportun's mission, click here.

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