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2 ways to apply

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      Oportun provides affordable, credit-building loans that help you build a better future


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      Oportun provides affordable, credit-building loans that help you build a better future

      Oportun has changed the life of my two children, my wife and myself, a humble servant.
      First loan - $500: I bought a set of 4 chairs
      Second loan - $500: I bought a cot for my kids
      Third loan - $500: I bought a bed; after four years, my wife and i were able to sleep in a bed.

      - J. J.B., Santa Ana, CA Customer Oportun Quote

      We are a mission-driven lender of credit-building, affordable loans to financially responsible people who typically do not have access to mainstream credit.
      • Designed with our customers in mind. Our very supportive and welcoming customer experience is designed with you in mind. We offer bilingual (English/Spanish) servicing via phone, online, or in-person through our growing network of 185+ retail locations in neighborhoods where you live and work.
      • Affordable and fixed loans. We offer loan amounts and payment terms that fit your individual budget. Our loans feature fixed, affordable payments over 7 to 35 months. There are no “surprise” balloon payments. There is no penalty for pre-payment. Payments align to customer pay periods.
      • Focused on long-term customer success. We reward customers who repay their loans with the ability to borrow more at lower rates over time. Plus, we provide credit education resources to help you build a better financial future, through our community events, website content, and partnerships.
      Applying is easy! You will need to provide three pieces of information:

      1. Government-issued color picture ID: from the US or another country (driver’s license, passport, consular ID).
      2. Proof of address in California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, Utah, or Arizona: We verify address automatically for most of our customers. If not verified, customers can provide mobile phone, electricity, water or cable bills, etc.
      3. Proof of income: pay stubs of the last 30 days or bank statements for the last 60 days.

      No problem! At Oportun, we look beyond your credit history to understand your true financial potential and capacity to afford a loan. Even though we pull credit during the application, you could qualify even if you do not have a history at any of the bureaus. In fact, 48% of all our customers had no credit scores when they applied.

      *** We help customers establish credit history by reporting their accounts to credit bureaus.

      ***As of September 30, 2015. No Credit Score Population was defined as all first-time loan applicants who received a loan from Oportun, who did not have a Vantage score at the time of their application.

      If you can demonstrate income through pay stubs or pay checks, we do not need a bank account to provide you with a personal loan that meets your needs.
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      Loan amounts between $300 - $7,000 with payment terms between 7 and 35 months

      Oportun loans with APRs of 35.99% or lower are available to qualified returning customers with loan terms of 28 to 35 months and loan amounts typically ranging from $3,000 to $7,000. For example, we offer a loan of $5,000 for a term of 31 months, with an administrative fee of $75, a biweekly payment of $115 and an APR of 34.3%, with a total cost of $2,595 (including the administrative fee), subject to credit approval. Actual APR and fees depends upon the loan amount, loan term, prior Oportun loan history and the state in which the loan is originated. Not available in all states.