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By clicking START, you will be accessing information managed by SpringFour.

Did you know there are thousands of organizations in the United States dedicated to helping people in need of a helping hand?

SpringFour has created a list of government agencies and non-profit organizations that can help you find a job, pay less for heat, electricity, gas, and water, save money on food or childcare, or get access to free or low-cost healthcare, including mental health services.

SpringFour is not an affiliate or agent of Oportun. Oportun has not vetted or verified any of the resources and is not responsible for any third-party referrals provided by SpringFour.

By clicking START, you will be accessing information managed by SpringFour.

Frequently Asked Questions

With SpringFour, you can go online and find local non-profit organizations and government agencies that can help you find a job or reduce your monthly expenses.

SpringFour researches and verifies all service-providers.

You can look up services for free. There are no hidden charges.
SpringFour has information about more than 10,000 social service, government, and community-based organizations. All of them have been carefully evaluated and approved. These organizations provide assistance in up to 25 different categories and can help you find a job or save money on utilities, food, or prescription drug costs.
If there are no resources found within 35 miles of your ZIP code, SpringFour will point you to state or national resources that may be able to provide the kind of help you are looking for.

At Oportun, we want to help our customers find any assistance needed. We chose to work with SpringFour because they are an independent company that researches and verifies useful resources.